My Maxwell part 1

My maxwell speaks to me in all sort of ways and i just wanna share with you guys all the things he says to me….

when you hear Maxwell first thyn anyone shud think of is This woman’s worth..

i dont know about you but everytime i hear this song i just feel like Maxwell is crying out to me and for me lmao!!  well who wudnt wanna be told that thier work , thier worth … whatever you need.. just give me ur hand……. i should be crying but i just cant let it go.. shud be hoping but i cant stop thinking…

truth is.. if i left a man and he had regrets lyk thys well waahahahaha yes i wud moos def feel too special.. and NO Maxy i wudnt make it go away… oops did i just admit to loving seeing sumone suffer muahahahaha!!

My next song is Pretty wings

… errm can sum1 say if u gonna break up with me , errrm id love to hear sumthyn lyk thys.. Observation from these two tracks.. can sum1 say Maxwell has the uttermost respect for women thru his music.. i dont know bout real life iv never met him:)

“im sorry told u lies… i shud have showed u better nights, better tyms better days… now i miss you more and more.. ” well atleast he still thinks ur pretty wen he leaves bascially what has happened here did the girl leave him and now she wants him back and he saying no.. errrm.. its time for you to go coz u hurt me so bad i cudnt focus and now i wanna get myself together.. or did he just say im tired of the fighting and this whole mess.. im turning u into a bad person and hink you wud be better with sum1 else..

My last song for now is Wherenver, Wherever and Whatever…… errrm” if ever you yearn for the love in me… whenever wherevere Whatever.. “… il let this one speak for itself….

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